Are you a stay-at-home parent returning to the working world?
Are you a grandparent wanting to email with your grandkids?
Were you just stubborn and never learned about computers?
If you live in the Austin area, here is what can teach you:

  • basic professional programs, like Microsoft Office
    (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, WordPerfect, etc.)
  • how to update your own website
  • how to familiarize yourself with the Internet
  • how to set up and use email
My dad, a senior partner in his law firm, was reluctant to learn about computers. He said, "they don't give rifles to the generals," implying that he didn't need to learn to use the computer when other people in his firm could do so. Eventually he learned that he was more effective embracing technology rather than shunning it. The point of this anecdote is to illustrate that so many things nowadays require computer knowledge. Don't assume someone else will do it for you--empower yourself, learn today!

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